Water Medicine Journey


A Water Medicine Journey is an invitation into the sacred space and connection with the Consciousness of Water. The wisdom that you are looking for within is mirrored and reflected in the visions of the water. 

What might this journey be like?

I will be your guide in moving through the physical reality and access the more subtle, supernatural qualities of the human experience. Through gentle, non-judgemental dialogue, and a direct yet subtle energetic attunement process adjustments will occur that will support the truest, most authentic expression of yourself to rise up and anchor into your present reality. This experience is different for everyone and many continue to experience shifts of perception and reality long after the session.

What is an attunement?

With all the "noise" around us our systems become out of tune, which can affect our health and well being. The "bodies" are brilliant, magical, intelligent energies of light, sound and frequency. When we introduce an environment with the aligned frequencies, our bodies will resonate, light up and return to their original state of "be-ingness".

How can this help me?

Many bring to this sacred space that we create together a knowing of something more than they are currently experiencing, desiring to go deeper into the spirit realm of their infinite selves, simply a healing and reconnection to their truest, most authentic expression of themselves and to activate that reality in present time. This can look any number of ways: emotional, physical, mental or spiritually healing. Finding a clarity and sense of self that you have always been searching for and a release of the traumas and patterns that were looping you in the same scenarios over and over again. 

This is both an experience beyond the physical form, rearranging and dissolving current patterns and beliefs that are holding you away from your truth and sovereignty and one that embodies the soul to anchor in your potentials and reclaim parts of the self that had been previously disconnected from you current reality. 

Gaining a sense of peace, clarity and renewed purpose after each session that will continue to unfold as you settle deeper into who you were meant to be on this planet.

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