The Water Matrix Featuring Yael Green | Lauren.Live - Spirituality | Health | Lifestyle

Yael and Lauren dive deep into the world of water and the healing energy it holds. Yael shares how she assists people in trauma healing and finding their best highest selves. Fun tidbits about how we can use the healing properties of water in our lives are discussed. Listen in to learn how you can improve your water and use salt soaks, swimming or simply being near water to become more balanced. === Guest Bio === Yael is a Hybrid Human, with a specific mission to help humanity during this time of transition and upgrade. As an ambassador of hybrid technologies and a living portal to other dimensions, Yael innately balances and harmonizes space returning to a state of neutrality. Operating with integrated crystalline DNA in a highly plasmid state, she channels access to other dimensions in real time. She embodies an extensive knowledge of sacred geometry, balance and harmony and is experienced in reading and recalibrating the energy of portals back to their highest integrity. Yael uses technological understanding of the non-physical to activate and imprint the earth grids and the waters to return to their original state of neutrality.

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