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The Water Matrix

Star Family Wisdom Podcast

Hybrid Wisdom for a New Earth with Yael Green

We loved creating this episode; tune in for a truly unique voice in the world. Dr. Yael Green is a hybrid human, a skilled holistic healer, and an embodiment of the element she works with most - water. Dr. Green illustrates our relationship with water with beautiful description, cosmic understanding, and deep scientific knowledge. Together, these elements reveal our complex interconnection with the Earth, with our own bodies, and with the cosmos.  She explains that water wants a relationship with us, and that it has chosen to be here for this purpose.

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Downloadable guided auditory journeys with voice and Tibetan Singing Bowls to attune the frequency of your physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies to their natural state. With all the "noise" around us our systems become out of tune, which can affect our health and well being. The "bodies" are brilliant, magical, intelligent energies of light, sound and frequency. When we introduce an environment with the aligned frequencies, our bodies will resonate, light up and return to their original state of "be-ingness".

Best listened to with headphones in a sacred space that feels safe and expansive. This can be listened to on your phone, computer, or tablet.

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Dr. Yael Green

Yael is a Hybrid Human, with a specific mission to help humanity during this time of transition and upgrade. As an ambassador of hybrid technologies and a living portal to other dimensions, Yael innately balances and harmonizes space returning to a state of neutrality.

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